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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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experience of freedom in a sense is like the few minutes of the day you can visit but your call comes back from. my industry would not work. hello from below and welcome to a new week of your max before we get started let's have a look at what's coming up in today's show. padding on the penis pittsburgh's legendary hong kong raised to also celebrity crowd. out on the streets for leather kicks off its twenty eight team stint as european capital of culture. down two
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years on the mob bottoms up with being over and berlin. this down arrays is really legendary austrians hong kong brace and kids bill is known of the world's hardest and most dangerous down here competition since nine hundred thirty one the event has to challenge the best plates but it is not only a competition for them this event also attracts a lot of stars especially on the opening weekend because after the race the world's largest and most exclusive up whiskey party takes place. at speeds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour the skiers plunge down the legendary section known as the drive into the valley. waiting near the finish line are celebrities who come from around the world.
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it is good believe that it's the world's most dangerous downhill race this is the most trying again to chris it's really fantastic with a really good athlete that doesn't go. there bloody crazy looking. very brave. it's the toughest race of all you really if you know what you're doing all through it was. the show's well staged visitors expect to see something spectacular the runs are prepared a little differently each year they must be tricky enough yet a few athletes should still reach the finish line race director michelle hoopers team was working on the course until just before the start. to the home of the abuses in charge things up a bit with shovels and rakes. simpatica access was made it was a but then you're on or done with these you give it a little make over and it works the brutal that's the mystery that's the legend that's the fascination of the heart of the cameras i know that i see this instant hundred thirty one we've been able to hold a race on
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a mountain which is completely unsuitable for a ski racing series one with each of weather conditions and totally crazy weather patterns. one of the prominent guests waiting at the finish line each year is a bloody siler in the one nine hundred sixty s. he whizzed down the shrike as a ski racer today he's one of the fans. who always it's just the way it's set up these days i'd be coming down over the age of seventy three and ollie kept up all the new the old days it was more fun there were just two of us it's just that we stretched out a rope and that was it. anything more there was no new safety equipment either sukkos for you there were no it's all kind of good. it was his big brother tony seiler who taught him how to ski the champion austrian skier was unbeatable and a hundred come down hill race during the one nine hundred fifty s. he helped lead the race its legendary appeal. this time around
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thomas dressin is the first to cross the finish line he's the first german to win the hun income downhill in thirty nine years. in winning my first world cup racing kids here look up tonight and then it's downhill is just so cool this is what can i say but it's really a tough i mean the start just brutal what it wanted and it goes like that all the way down to the exit of this diana died on house. v.i.p.'s get to enjoy a bit of that thrill by taking part in a charity race it takes place on the final stretch after the end of the downhill race here pretty much anything goes belgian formula one star max fish stop and came down the hill on a sled while after toby a small ready. skied down in an elegant. remember those stream down there are some of the emotions that well we're just incredible you imagine what it would be like to come down not with a bit of elegance momentum but really for
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a static i just wanted to comment on the night that we're going to impose on the survivor i mean i was honestly i saw a different feeling but of course you have a lot of respect for the people who actually ray said i wouldn't do it so it's quite a scary sight. in the evening this five turns into a party zone and guests wander from one party to the next. one highlight is a rustic event held in the sham of your hotel here everything revolves around the various views sausage known as ice forced. to either that or just ate one of them better this is a good grass you guys it's a hard task to buy stores party based on the best in the world the biggest in the world with about twenty five hundred people here we have a lot of trouble here everyone eats it for its own sausage and drinks a beer is though that has lots to do with the fact that bryce course is pure
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protein roots and you know what i mean first it was your money i and folks need to keep up their strength during the one income race inspired by the dare devils on the slopes visitors party with wild abandon will interconnect i. am from the cold we continue our tour in the sound we are heading to the island of ma to visit to valetta it's one of the european cultural capitals of twenty eighteen the most his capital the sharing of a row with low varden a city in the netherlands with about six thousand inhabitants by letter is the smallest capital in the e.u. it is located in a fortress and it's a unesco but habitate sides more than one hundred forty projects and four hundred events have been planned in the city this year they kicked off the band with a huge opening ceremony at the weekend. letters are putting on
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a giant party to launch its year as a twenty eighteenth capital of culture. the spanish acrobats of enough you. are world famous for their spectacular show. to get closer to people and surprise that people to be something exacting something new something beriberi. people are performing at every turn most often in the open air the streets of this four hundred fifty year old city are serving as. musicians and street performers are out in force nearly every artist in the tiny mediterranean country of malta it's a major event for europe's southern most capital. for you me personally it's it's very and i six perience and i am very grateful because chose us. so that's why i can show our ways in course assumes. that we used for
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a current event. it's a nice thing we know i am very grateful for one something that is not just for artists we want something. from with even the president. and all of more benefits. than is less than six thousand and all of malta has less than four hundred fifty thousand family ties have a high priority here. the people spend lots of time outdoors even in winter the sun shines most of the time and temperatures average around thirteen degrees celsius to put massive effort into here as capital of culture. magical place there. you know it has so much history on this than in. it's a six a century so many people for the night so forth to have come by and they've left
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such a legacy which no i think is finally being recognized for european level. volatilize on a peninsula in the east of the main island it was founded by the knights of the order of st john in the sixteenth century to defend against invaders they surrounded the city with fortresses called bastions. in one thousand nine hundred eighty the entire city was listed as a unesco world cultural heritage site and every single house in the town is a listed building one of the main sites is the grandmasters palace completed in fifteen seventy five one grand master john potter so developed ok the city its name is st john's coke at the draw is the conventional church of the order of st john the floor is made up of three hundred seventy five marble slabs covering knights tombs. and the city gate is based on plans by
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star italian architect renzo piano as is the new parliament building. we. call it was first crucial file and i like it because drew. also i like. harbor and it's a very clear said he denies they still eat fish and all for them but here we are in unity and it's fun festive whatever. it is a lot of thirty monuments here and it's very lovely people as well whatever you go to the cell that. it's been said and i'll have to say yes so. they get it lots of emotions stay positive and. like the facade of st john's coca theater on many of these lands. will provide a backdrop for this year's event. or. a
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letter to the cultural capital of europe. it's outstanding it's fantastic for us as maltese we are all very proud you know this is the best years of malta for us nice last few years walter has grown so much and. this is the place to be this is the place to be valetta in two thousand and eighteen. more than four hundred events will be taking place in a letter and around multiple this year the e.u. smallest capital is determined to make a big splash in twenty eighteen. and more topics from around europe coming up in today's express our roundup of culture events.
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gemini's museum bob gainey has marked a stunningly successful first year some thirty five hundred members joining the best day celebrations on sunday. going from no i just magnificent every time we visit where the no way by even busy looms and totally exhibitions are great space is the arrangement the whole design is impressive i don't know a better museum in the kind of smog need it's drawing visitors from far and wide it's amazing how many people have visited. me salmon popstar is the creation off. a german software magnate whose collection of contemporary and impressionist walks forms the core of the exhibition. in the years since its opening its welcomed more than half a million visitors fos a passing expectations. of the world's
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leading agricultural fair international green week is more international than ever this year more than sixteen hundred exhibitors from sixty six countries are presenting their products and ideas at the agricultural and food industry trade fair as in recent years ecological farming and healthy eating are two major focal points. international green week at tracks nearly four hundred thousand visitors every year. ten musicians are drawn or the late singer songwriter david bowie with a memorial concert in the german capital they included british pop stars sting's son joe sumner. the musicians all share the distinction of having once performed on stage with david bowie. the focus was on songs from go. early career with enduring popular hits like golden
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years. though he spent several years in the nineteen seventies in west berlin he died on january tenth twenty sixteen. he was one of the world's most famous staffs and known as the father of nava christian paul the book he died at the age of ninety one this weekend mr paul france the pope of call me as has left us tweeted french interior minister. after the test passing he revolutionized guster nami in the seventy's which turned towards healthier eating thirty years ago he founded the book cruise dollar international quit and every competition to reward innovative young chefs here's a look back at his extraordinary life. was a master chef and in large part responsible for the rise of the chef to the status of international media strong his restaurant no banished upon the convolution north
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of leone was the birthplace of this revolution. one of his most famous recipes is a truffle soup under a puff pastry crown created in one nine hundred seventy five. some people come to his restaurants just for this soup and he's one of the greatest pioneers he completely embodies have perfected the original product approach all. began to change the course of commentary art in the one nine hundred sixty s. with tastefully arrange seasonal and regional produce he simplified the preparation and emphasized the ingredients original flavor for what was the father of the revolution and you could see him there with the purse and is there was a reward one total was that i thought you know we knew each other for over thirty years is attitude was always fabulous always with open arms he was the best ambassador france ever had any of their promises. born in february one thousand
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twenty six he first learned to cook from his grandmother he went on to study with the best in the business the star chef from nonpoint an illusion him because he is the first three star chef in france book who's earned his own first michelin star at just thirty two and the second and third in the following seven years. but cruise maintained his three michelin stars from one thousand nine hundred sixty five on a world record in one nine hundred eighty nine gorm a restaurant guide named him a chef of the century an exceptionally rare honor his recipe for success would appear simple enough if i see reckless looking is very simple a good product or product and properly seasoned one of our craziness traditional and classic feel if he did it just the. seaboard products are good crazy and hot. food too soft the limelight he is credited as the first chef to lead his
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kitchen and chat with guests he was feted like a pop star as master chef he insisted on owning his own restaurant so he would retain sole control over the menu and he started the whole ball rolling as was the now we all we all strive to. create new and more exciting things but i was all started by paul because. in the one nine hundred eighty s. koos founded the us the two book use nearly to pass on his knowledge to aspiring shops from the world over but it's not only about cooking they also learned how to manage their own restaurants. he also launched the international cooking competition bocuse door a high profile media event staged to discover young and talented chefs it's become a sort of oscar ceremony for the common area world not enough of them miss it. he's been spreading the word about french cuisine on his travels since one thousand nine
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hundred for you and me but it's mainly his doing going to protect your reputation around the world his influence is still felt and we have to continue his work with you. even if the fuse is credited with pioneering nobel cuisine he was never a champion of small portions on big plates on the contrary. he was famous for his lavish desserts but cruise's kitchen was down to earth and experimental at the same time it's helped shape today's cuisine you know so if it wasn't for him then we wouldn't be doing what we're doing today. created this weiss of history the revolution he cooked up on his stove is destined to continue. and we continue with a glass of beer right now but not like usual in a pop or a collab we are joining a very special gym class these days yoga comes in all forms in the german capital
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as hot yoga yoga with pads on bikes with techno music. but not only yoga partying is also a big business and burden trust me one australian yoga teacher combines both in her be a yoga class this latest trend will bring relaxation to a new level. this is the sound of a satisfying workout. emily has been holding do you courses in berlin and elsewhere for two years now. for eight to sixteen euro's for an hour the participants get on for that solos random thoughts for their brains i mean the focus is definitely on the show. it is a work out there sorry you definitely do sweat and that's good you get your muscles awake and working the story it's
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a good balance. but students of this school of yoga shouldn't expect to find it in all truths in the bottle. nations known as you like combining a little exercise with drinking beer it's fantastic other leg no yeah. right yeah i do it i'm sure because you can't work off the calories in your beer with yogurt it oversteps about fifty percent relaxation twenty five percent support and twenty five percent from. the world of yoga it's always good for a surprise. just not good chicken no good yoga people think you practice yoga with a chicken get but apparently some people do facebook will tell you all kinds of stories then sometimes you might try it out. to be a month olds. all. oh i have to try this out this week and i was serious twice as nice as we are
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meeting up with successful twins today it's. the german sisters work sixteen and product design us in the netherlands they've got their own label called the mix of their first names with their minimalist interior products and wallpaper they want to bring your own us. into the chaos of everyday life say hey we made them in the studio in rotterdam to find out how about it is to work with their trent. i mean if my marble or graphite twins and venus might be you know working on a design for a mirror frame in two thousand and twelve they started leaving as a deep their own label based in the dutch city of rotterdam its focus is interior design sharing a business has its advantages. and i don't know what that if then we have exactly the same taste and views of things that makes it very easy to work together we
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don't have to discuss or talk about basic things. decisions get made a lot faster because we can be far more direct with each other if she can be reached i can decide to my in. the twins focus on a minimalist design for textiles and products. cardholders made of stone and printed blankets are part of their collection. they frequently draw inspiration from age old techniques like silk screen. they keep a clear division of labor do you know he's mainly responsible for the design takes care of the marketing. but such close collaboration also has its disadvantages of the prius no bones by it it's easy to get our private lives mixed up with our work
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in the studio. and since we're so close and we can practically look over each other's shoulders it can be very hard to keep these things out of the studio routine. is out there and do you know have all their products manufactured in europe working together with dutch artists and well known brands. they generally think along the same lines but sometimes sibling tempers. where. i have a bit of the wrong once i stormed out the door and then i thought no she's sitting in there all alone so i came back in and there she was waiting for me and she said oh you're back. also the local i knew she'd come back well so i know the routine in two or three minutes the door opens and there she is again. then we had a cup of coffee and harmony was restored. for inspiration between scout
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rotterdam's artists quartered near the main train station. do you know i studied in rotterdam and had little trouble convincing her sister of the city's charms and merits. autumn rotterdam and young unconventional always on the move the off spot meant peter there's a little freedom of it's exciting and playful it's like a big playground where you can try out new things without committing to them too much. for the twins and their label rotterdam has been a good fit edgy and playful it's much like liz id and the sisters themselves who are always on the lookout for their next bright idea. there will be another edition of our serious twice as nice tomorrow where we're featuring twins
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who've made a name for themselves here now off twins in your country who are famous or successful that's what we want to know this week right also and let us know and when you do in your name without a medically be entered into our drawing for this exclusive your max watch you can find all the informations on our website just go to d.w. dot com slash lifestyle good luck we're running out of time now but hopefully tomorrow on to them thanks for watching and bye bye. on the next edition of your imax the fun of fashion just primarily a visual experience so how can it be transformed into a multi-sensory one for the blind in vision impaired that's a question studied by four leading european fashion schools. as part of a project called beyond seeing the results are now one display in congress changing perspective next time on your i max.
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law by.
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the. law because the bond is legal high life for me. because i'm different consequences i'm a machinist some odd place come up to our backs coach modesty's to the body no way when the when i'm back he'll show. laon de lay's stunning go helps leverkusen triumph of a hostile. takeover. thirty minutes d.w. . he tells us. stories.
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he makes us laugh. and cry play a trumpet and smile. magical images of. emotion that comes from. chino. to bring the gent on d.w. . circle of fear. correspondent is in. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere else. and more and more changing fighters are now returning home they're both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society. the circle of fear the date on d w news.
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are you up to speed on the latest technology. no then it may be time for an upgrade this becoming part of the future. become a cyborg. cyborg so i've created a new sense on the new organ and i've designed my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my you can't see it on a daily basis that optimize the human body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this would make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg. at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us and what effect will it have on society. i think it's only the beginning of this cycle machine's starting february first on t w.
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this is the day of the news coming to you live from the women's economic forum opens with the indian prime minister in that in that or more these day as a strong attraction within the more the it was chosen out of more than three thousand well he does and c.e.o. is gathered there to deliver the keynote address really going live to davos to get the highlights also coming up. the turkish ground assault on for.


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